Why can’t you teach me real science? If you have a superior understanding of the mathematics behind what I discuss in my articles, then I would appreciate the education. Considering you have such a strong opinion of my writing I would hope you could inform me.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Michael Faraday. “[S]cientists at the time widely rejected his theoretical ideas, mainly because they were not formulated mathematically.” It was 30 years later that James Maxwell translated Faraday’s work into the equations used today.


Einstein, who greatly respected Faraday, created relativity based on first imagining what could be causing the unexplained orbital progression of Mercury before he penned the equations. He was not entitled to do so being a chump with a day job, but he did it anyway.

Ironically, he did not agree with quantum mechanics. Although talented at mathematics, he was so obsessed with showing the absurdity of its results that he inadvertently wrote the equations we now use to calculate it.

Not to mention that both he and Edwin Hubble were firmly against any possibility that the universe had a “beginning” and would refuse to consider it despite any evidence. Both are turning in their graves as their research has been used to claim they supported the current Big Bang theory written since their deaths.

I do not prescribe to your elitist position that ideas are exclusive to those in certain positions or who have specific skill sets. For the handful of people in history who have made a lasting contribution to the world, your comments would have half of them erased from the record. And for the millions of fully qualified doctorates in those same disciplines spending billions in grant funds who aren’t making any impact, what do you make of them?

Not only is it underdogs like Faraday and Einstein who have made some of history’s most notable contributions to science, it also takes college dropouts like Musk and Edison to drive innovation as well.

Or you’ve missed the point entirely that my articles are meant to convey concepts that are either poorly understood or I’ve discovered have not considered at all. You can find equations all over the internet, but few people understand even Einstein’s explanation of gravity and why he accurately called it a “fictional force”.

Interestingly, you have made no comment regarding the merits of my articles but to make a superficial complaint. Largely I am not creating new mathematics but providing reinterpretation and reapplication of existing theories. I have more exhaustive versions of my theories beyond the accessible summaries I post here but I don’t expect you really care.

So if it is hubris that I have an interest in sharing and challenging ideas regarding our knowledge of science without what you perceive to be sufficient accreditation then so be it. I would rather be guilty of that than writing subjective opinion pieces of no consequence and devoid of original thought. And unless you have the appropriate doctorate and objective evidence to accompany the topics you comment on then I expect you suffer the same character flaw.

Thank you for your response. I find all comments an opportunity for critical thinking and discussion.



George J. Woolridge for WhetScience.com

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