The pursuit of scientific knowledge is humanity's greatest progressive discipline. Drawing from the creative talents and technical skills of people from all walks of life around the world, much of what we are capable of doing today is built upon knowledge amassed since the dawn of mankind. Unfortunately, many more recent theories and advancements are presented in such a way that they can appear intimidating to the casual reader. This can be potentially discouraging to those who might otherwise consider science academically or professionally. And even for the professionals in fields of science, often there are unchallenged presumptions or departmental pigeonholing that inhibits innovation. Although there is a considerable amount of knowledge and skill required to master these theories, they largely are representative of our reality and therefore should be at some level relatable to all.

Here we are striving to present information in a way to help readers create an accurate vision of their own for some of these most fundamental theories. Broad or complex concepts are whittled down to their smallest relevant parts, and “Gedankenexperimente” provide accessible inferences.

"Gedankenexperiment" or "thought experiment" is an approach in which we strive to imagine how a system is functioning. Many if not all theories began in ones imagination first.

Equally important is to consider the context of a theory when it was created. Details like measurement capability or the beliefs of the scientific community at that time are often just as relevant as the math itself. We also seek to improve understanding among professionals. By reducing theories to relevant details and offering valid alternative interpretations or approaches, our hope is to resolve perceived differences between scientific communities.

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